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Modern Retreat: Exploring Slow-Living Principles through Food, Fiber, and Design

We are so thrilled to announce a collaborative retreat with Cleveland Field Kitchen on slow living in a modern world! 

What does that mean? Our intimate retreat is designed to inspire, encourage and nourish a slow living lifestyle through creative workshops, shared meals and inspiring conversation. Taught by local artists, designers, and chefs from the greater Cleveland area we hope to encourage you to live less out of habit and more out of intent.

 With the West Woods Forest as our backdrop, Driftlab Textile Co. will lead a  natural dye workshop and Chef Potts will lead a workshop on Slow Kitchen Cooking. At lunch we will share a field-to-fork meal guided by the inspiration of local Clevelander, Susie Brown, a small business owner & creative entrepreneur with a passion for encouraging creative women, coaching authentic design & creating spaces that nurture the soul.

Finer Details

Natural Dye Workshop

This workshop will give an overview of dyeing textiles with a plant-based matter, using kitchen scraps and foraged material.  It is geared toward the appreciation of the slow process and will emphasize the beauty and unpredictability of our environment through using natural dyes. We’ll learn the process of creating our own dyes at home, how to work with mordants and the art of Japanese Shibori dyeing.  We may even have the opportunity to forage for some local flowers and plants to print with! Each guest will dye their own raw silk table runner and silk scarf.

(NOTE: We will not be working with indigo- which is a totally different process.)

Slow Kitchen

In this realm, we are not talking about the traditional slow cooker so many of us depend on to help balance work and home. For this workshop, Chef Potts will guide you through simple and approachable ways in practice a slow kitchen in your home by showing you how to preserve the summer bounty for those cold winter nights when we long for the summer sun. She will teach you how to make her tomato sauce and stewed tomatoes to put up in the pantry. She will also guide you through an heirloom tomato tasting and offer other ways to enjoy the summer jewels all year long (think slow roasted tomatoes, tomato jam, and sun dried tomatoes). While the jars are in the “bath” Chef will then show you how to make a simple pasta dough and proper ways to make basic pasta at home. Each guest will leave with one jar of tomato sauce and stewed tomatoes, as well as, fresh pasta as well as the recipes to make everything at home again.

Field-to-Fork Lunch

Bookended by both workshops, we will gather around the table for a family-style field-to-fork meal created by Chef Potts & her Field Kitchen team. During our lunch, small business owner & creative entrepreneur, Susie Brown, will discuss her approach to creating spaces that nurture the soul and authentic design through slow living.

We hope you leave our Modern Retreat with a new sense of inspiration and encouragement to nourish a slow living lifestyle in your every day.

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