Starting August 2nd, be a part of creating local color! We are partnering with Faanware and you, our community, to bring you garments dyed with avocado pits leftover from your Taco Tuesdays. For contributing your pits, you'll get 10% off the avocado sweatshirt.

Step 1: Make your guac.
Step 2: Rinse your avocado pits clean and set aside.
Step 3: Eat your guac.
Step 4: Bring your avocado pits to The Grocery in Ohio City and snap a photo of you depositing your pits.
Step 5: Hashtag the photo #communitysupportedcolor to receive your 10% off and spread the word!
Step 6: Repeat. Avocados are good for you, and so is wearing non-toxic dyes.  #unfckdcolor

Thanks for supporting local color! 

Stay tuned!