An Afternoon of Botanical Colors

Once again, we were lucky enough to spend an afternoon with some really beautiful, artful people!  We partnered with Rebecca from A Daily Gathering and her awesome interns, Becca and Anna, to create some crazy colors and partake in some delicious bites and sips in an historic barn in Purcellville, Virginia.

When we first talked about holding an outside event at the end of March, we knew rain was a possibility, but somehow we didn't consider the cold...Maybe it was just wishful, winter-thinking! On Saturday, the thermometers read thirty degrees and windy... but 15 women zipped up their winter coats, donned their scarves and hats, and joined us for 4 hours out in the cold to see what beautiful colors nature yields. 

Prior to the event, Sarah and I scoured 5 different types of fibers and Using 3 different mordanting treatments in order to achieve the most diverse color palette- it was totally worth the effort!

 Our dye vats were steaming with acorns, avocado pits, red onion, yellow onion, madder root, and logwood.    We recorded our work by styling a swatch book with over 30 different colors - the results were absolutely stunning! We finished the session by creating shibori resists on tea towels. We hung them to dry, but it was so cold that they ended up freezing on the line! Even with the freezing temperatures, I couldn't imagine a more enjoyable afternoon! 

Thanks to Rebecca and her crew for such a beautifully styled event with such tasty food, and to our host, Emerald Hill Farm, for stoking the bonfire- we were able to keep warm inside and out!  Also, thanks to Silk and Willow and Davenport Groves for donating the natural fibers. 

Photos by Anna Clair Photography.